Breaking! New Release!

Unabridged, Billy's new Solo Piano CD, is up and available on CD Baby!

Billy Lester's Storytime has been nominated in the 2013 NPR Jazz Critic's Poll

Re: Billy's new release Storytime - an email from noted jazz critic Howard Mandel

Dear Billy —

Story Time is really connoisseur jazz. It shows off your unique, extremely well-informed and very imaginative musical approach, in full swing — as it were, and as it is! — at what seems like an ever higher level of daring and mastery. You open up dimensions of humor, wit, possibility, comfort, relaxation, ache, inquiry, discovery, adventure (not necessarily in that order). I don't know where you're going to go, but follow along, amused to recognize much of the language and some of the references, then you get there, and that was fun — how'd you do it? Through some sort of free-flowing association. Doesn't matter what the song is, the song is you. Cool, Billy, great one, thanks.


(Howard Mandel, author, educator, president Jazz Journalists Association,
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